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Family Office

Family Office caters to larger clients who prefer centralized management for all members of the family. These services are designed around the dynamic needs of large families and combine investment planning, legacy planning, and administrative services.

Starting with a thorough understanding of the family’s objectives, we formulate an investment policy, offer advice and execution support for all investment-related transactions. Clients can also choose from a myriad made-to-order solutions.


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Product Platform

Our mission is to deliver solutions that work for you, and so, we’ve tied up multiple financial service product manufacturers, like mutual funds, portfolio managers, alternative investment funds, and execution of direct equity, and bonds, among others.

Apart from evaluation of fund performance, clients can leverage our shortlist of funds based on quantitative and qualitative filters, and our reporting platform that monitors investments and provides detailed assessments of the same.

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Wealth Management

TruFid is a partner on your journey towards managing and growing your wealth. This is a continuous process – a combination of financial planning, investment portfolio management, and a number of aggregated financial services. This service proposes several strategies and plans that enable the systematic fulfillment of financial goals for all our clients, where the key goal is sustaining and growing long-term wealth.

Our top priority is you

We, at TruFid, believe that wealth management is a team effort. We work for you, with you. As a team, we believe in collaborative problem-solving, so all of our solutions are customizable to your exact needs.


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